EBlock Acquires TradeHelper & ESP Auctions - Adding 24,000 sold units annually in Quebec

EBlock, a leader in the automotive auction industry and sub-brand of parent company, E INC, today announced the acquisition of TradeHelper, a dealer-to-dealer digital auction marketplace, along with its parent company, ESP Auctions, an independent auction located in Montreal. 

“This move allows EBlock to expand and strengthen our position in our fastest growing market of Quebec, a vital region of Canada,” said Jason McClenahan, president, and CEO of E INC. “By bringing on more than 100 experienced bilingual team members we can better service our customers in their language of choice. And, by adding 24,000 wholesale transactions and thousands of marketplace participants we will not only strengthen our position in Quebec but we will have a major impact for all our dealers in Eastern Canada.”

ESP Auctions, a second-generation family business, brings 35 years of experience as one of the top independent auctions in Canada. Owner Alain Boisvert teamed with former ADESA CEO Stephane St-Hilaire to acquire the Quebec based digital auction marketplace TradeHelper in December 2019. 

“Our customers will benefit from the most robust network of buyers and sellers in the industry and an expansion of products and services that only a combination of physical space and state-of-the-art technology can offer, said St-Hilaire, co-owner of ESP and TradeHelper. “EBlock has the right people, technology, and strategy to boost the tremendous growth the vehicle remarketing industry is going through today. We are excited to be part of it.”

TradeHelper is led by the founder Karl Tremblay. ESP Auctions and TradeHelper will continue to operate as they are, with the teams working towards the mutual goal of selling a vehicle where it makes the most sense for the client.

EBlock was ranked the fastest growing automotive company in Canada. The company is the premier remarketing platform for dealers, wholesalers, and independent auctions, providing a tech-first platform with live virtual lanes, set auction starting and ending times, and an uncompromised auction experience.

About EBlock EBlock, an E INC brand, is a leader in the wholesale automotive market, providing sellers and buyers with a streamlined platform that combines the energy and immediacy of a physical auction together with the convenience and efficiency of a digital one. Find out more about EBlock at eblock.ca

About E INC E INC is the parent company of EBlock and EDealer, connecting the automotive wholesale and retail experiences together through the development, delivery, and relentless refinement of the online buying experience. E INC’s brands, products, and services help maximize efficiency and cost savings through increased transparency and reduced risk.

About ESP Auction and TradeHelper ESP Auction is a physical wholesale auto auction located inMontreal, Quebecthat acquired TradeHelper, an online dealer-to-dealer auto auction platform inEastern Canada, in December 2019. TradeHelper provides a simple and easy-to-use digital marketplace for buying and selling vehicles from the comfort of your home or office.